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Bestseller Coffee & Tea Bamboo Cup

Our popular bamboo cup with a bamboo case and metal inside. Keeps the cold drinks cool and the hot drinks still hot. Thanks to a great design, the cup does not get so hot that you can’t hold it.

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Creating bamboo cups, bamboo straws, bamboo spoons, brushes made out of bamboo and coconut shell bowls gives us chance to give back! Bamboo is an amazing tree that grows to its full size in 3-5 years. With its unique qualities, centuries of using bamboo for construction and utensils is something that we want to live on.

Need help in choosing the bamboo cup? can help you find the right bamboo cup for you! Are you looking for a bamboo cup for coffee or tea or a smaller cup? Let us help you!

If you are buying as a coffee shop, restaurant or the like, we can give you a better price according to each product when buying in bulk.

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