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Customer Care

We are so happy that you have found our website CupOfBamboo.com! This means that we can make a sustainable impact together. On our website, you can purchase everything from bamboo coffee cups to bamboo straws and even bowls made out of coconut shells.

You can make the order online here on our website, it is as easy as 123. You can add the specific item you want to purchase, go to the checkout and choose a suitable payment method. Should you have any questions about a specific item, you are more than welcome to send us a message or call us.

Privacy & Safety

We never sell or use your personal details. This is very important! When you shop online at CupOfBamboo.com, you feel safe knowing that we would never sell your information, send a newsletter that you have not approved or anything of this kind.

When it comes to our payment options, we use third-party payment providers that uses safe and convenient systems so you can be sure that your information stays in one place.

Wholesale Inquiries

Are you looking to buy 100+ or more of a specific item? We have been fortunate enough to sell large quantities to restaurants and businesses to many different countries. We can always check the very best price for you!

We enjoy selling in volume because we know that we can offer a great price per item that can be shipped to basically anywhere in the world. Contact us here and we will make sure to help you!

Payment Methods

On CupOfBamboo.com you can choose to pay with PayPal, with a direct bank transfer or if you are located in Thailand, you can even choose to pay cash upon delivery.

Are you looking for a specific payment method? Contact us here and we can check how we can help you!

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